Homemade Sawmill Blade Guide Rollers 1-1/2" Blade Bandsaw (2)

Homemade Sawmill Blade Guide Rollers 1-1/2" Blade Bandsaw (2)

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Homemade Sawmill Blade Guide Rollers 1-1/2" Blade Bandsaw

Sawmill or Bandwill Blade Guide Roller

If you are building a homemade sawmill. These rollers are a must to help keep the blade in place while cutting

2-Rollers and 4 Bearings included in this listing

**** Manufactured right here in Texas ****

I take a piece of 1018 round stock and use a manual lathe to mill it down to the following sizes..

Bolt does not come with guide. but the size of it is ...1/2" diameter. No mounting hardware.. you are buying just the roller guide and two bearings.. Bearing number will be on side of each one.. and they are easy to replace when necessary..tightened bolt keeps bearings compressed, no snap rings to deal with

Roller Guide weighs app. 1.3 Lbs..My guide is designed to help keep vibration down during operation

Designed for 1-1/2" blades only

Sealed bearings

1-1/2" across widest point of roller guide (Front to Rear)

App. 1-1/4" wide where blade rides on pulley

4-Grooves for dust partical clean out

2-1/2' overall diameter of back flange

Flange at rear is app. 1/4" wide

1/2" spacer may be necessary when installed, depending on your set up..Not included

Press fit design...bearings included....not installed

If you have any questions.. Drop me an email.. I plan on machining some for the 1-1/4" blade next


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