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GM Chevrolet 1988-On Horn Harness Connector
GM 1987-On Direct Ignition Vehicle Speed Sensor Harness Connector
Chevy GM Temp Sensor Harness Connector Plug Manifold Air Temp Sensor 12102620
GM 1982-On MAP Sensor Harness Plug
GM 1991-1993 Air Valve Switch Harness Connector
Chevrolet GM 1990-On  Stop Turn & Parking Light Socket
 GM/FORD/Chrysler  1/2" Instrument Panel  Bulb Sockets
GM  1978-On TBI Fuel Injector Connector/Harness Plug
GM Chrysler Dash Panel Cluster Light Bulb Sockets (4)
1960-1970"s Mopar Instrument Panel Cluster Light Bulb Sockets
1996-On Ford Glow Plug Harness Connector 20840 (1)
1970-On Ford Ignition Switch Harness Connector 19881 (1)
1989-On Ford Transmission Gear Shift Harness Connector E4 OD  (1)
Ford & GM Halogen Headlight Socket Assembly 14918 (1)
Fuel Pump Relay Ass. Harness Connector 1983-On FORD
Mass Air Flow Sensor Plug Harness 1988-On Chevy GM
Lucas & Bosch Fuel Injector Harness Connector
Chevy 1971-On Back Up Light Switch Speed Sensor Connector
75-91 FORD Electronic Ignition Module Harness Connector
Ford Ignition Coil Harness Connector 1999-On
Ford Radiator Cooling Fan Motor Harness Connector
GM/Ford Instrument Panel & Marker Light Sockets 158/194/194A
GM 1988-On Wedge Base Light Bulb Socket W/3057
Ford Alternator Harness Connector Plug
GM-Ford & Jeep Harness Connector Lights Oil Pressure Fog
GM Chevrolet Radiator Fan Sensor Switch 12102621
FORD Transmission MLP Sensor Plug E & F Series 8-Wire
GM Front Fender Marker Lamp Ass. Amber
1/4" Wire Loom Routing Clips (15) Electrical Wiring cover
Ford 1991-on Camshaft/Crankshaft Sensor Harness Connector
GM Chevrolet Alternator Plug Connector
Chevy Trucks 02-09 Isuz Saab Lamp Harness Connector
Universal Pigtail Connector Socket Housing Plug Single Contact Lights (2)
Metri-Pack 150 Series GM Terminals Connectors 18-20 Ga. Tin Plated
Metri-Pack 280-ACT Series Terminals Connectors 12-14 Ga. Tin Plated 12092344
GM Metri-Pack 280 Series Terminals Connectors 14-18 Ga.Tin Plated (25) 12015857
Metri-Pack 280-ACT Series Terminals Connectors 12-14 Ga. Tin Plated
GM Metri-Pack 150 Series Terminals 20-16 Gauge GM Chrysler
GM Chevrolet 1987-On Direct Ignition Throttle Body Injection Pigtail Connector
Ford AMC Jeep 62-79 Voltage Regulator Connector Repair Harness Plug Connector
Chevy GM Alternator Repair Harness Plug Connector 4-Wire Lead Internal Reg
GM Ford Chrysler 25-Amp Low Profile Case Fuse (3)
GM Ford Chrysler 20-Amp Low Profile Case Fuse (3)
Jeep 59-90 IHC Ford GM Dimmer Switch Repair Harness Plug Connector
H11/H8 Fog Light Harness Connectors Lamp holder Sockets
CORVETTE LS1 LS2 LS6 Alternator Wiring Plug Pigtail Connector Plug
Ford Powerstroke 6.0 Diesel Glow Plug Wiring Harness Plug Connector
LS1 LS6 LT1 Oxygen O2 Sensor 12" Header Extension Wiring Camaro Corvette
Fits 1997-2003 Ford Diesel 7.3L Powerstroke Glow Plug Injector harness pigtail
Fit 2004-2010 Ford 6.0L Diesel Glow Plug Harness Right/Left E350 E450 F250 F350
EV6 EV14 USCAR Fuel Injector Connector Pigtail Wire Dodge LS2 LS3 GM Ford Qty-2
Ford Fuel Injector S824 Pigtail Harness Connector Fits Mustang Escort Escape
Delphi Mini Fuel Injector Connectors Plugs Clips Pigtails Quick Disconnect Qty-2
EV1 OBD1 injector plug connector pigtails CIVIC Acura Integra ECLIPSE EVO DSM 2
Fits 6.0 7.3L Ford PowerStroke Diesel 2 Wireinjector Connector IPR valve Pigtail
New reverse lockout connector for LS1 LT1 vehicles equipped with a T56 6 sp
For 93-02 Camaro LS1 LT1 TPS Throttle Position Sensor Pigtail Wiring Plug
Terminals Tin Plated 14-16 Guage GM 56 Series 2962987 (50) Electrical Computer
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