1975-1991 Ford Van Dash Cover

1975-1991 Ford Van Dash Cover

Item# 155156
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Product Description

1975-1991 Ford Van Dash Cover

Part # 12-155/12-156

Please call us when ordering this item, so we can send you the correct item. This cover comes with or without AC Option. Please call us at 956-533-6811 or we will send the WO/AC

They can easily be painted to match the interior of your vehicle. Your original dash does not need to be removed, This is an overlay that is applied over your existing dash

Rejuvenate the life of your vehicle by enhancing its interior and increasing itís value. Our dash covers are vacuum-molded from the original dash to give an original look and a perfect fit. Made from thick, durable ABS plastic, Our dash covers will not crack under extreme hot or cold temperatures.

They fit over your original dash for easy installation. No special skills, tools, or (No) instrument removal necessary; perfect for the do-it-yourselfer. Includes a limited-lifetime warranty.

Add value to your truck by replacing your faded, broken or damaged Dash cover simply and inexpensively.

We also stock Bed liner coatings in Gallon kits, Quarts & Spray cans

Call 956-533-6811 for more details

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